Every once in awhile I get a very serious urge to write, usually because I've learned something or am over-flowing with some emotion. I've decided, instead of keeping these moments locked up in a journal, I am going to share them with you. Hence, my blog....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

What u Got?

Whether or not I am the real deal, the next big thing, or just a bit o average, I am here to share the depths a me. Anybody out there dig on that? I know that for me as a young girl, I always wanted something to speak to the center of me....what will make me see REALITY, and a simultaneous BEAUTY? What can I become without scaring myself half to death? I just didn't know. It took PAIN for me to know. And why is that? Why did I need to feel so blessed to be alive in order to grab my life by the horns and command it's direction? Guess we don't know what we've got till it almost leaves us...that's not a familiar idea or nothin. ;) Well, you know what I mean though....why do we wait till we are at the edge of ourselves to change? Change might as well be a four letter word....it is THE hardest thing to do, especially without outside force. In fact, I DARE you to change yourself. I just totally lost my train of thought due to my accidentally pressing the caps button and having to back track. Any who.....what's for lunch on this gorgeous Saturday? A slice a me with lime, ain't the same without the lime. :) And....the most glorious plate of hope I ever did see. Can you put a price on a vision of peace and forever dreams?