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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is "Wrong" Love Always Wrong?

Been a awhile since I hit up this art form. Feelings I am experiencing right now....exhaustion, euphoria, intensity, trepidation, boredom, anxiety, hope, confusion, frustration, sympathy, and appreciation. All these feelings come from many different parts of my life and from many different people I know. Amazing how people can effect us....my friends, acquaintances, professional connections. Somehow I feel that most of our experiences are defined by the people we share them with. How many of you have know someone who turned into a completely different person, for better or worse, depending on the person they were dating? I have witnessed this myself so many times in both ways. Not much you can do when you are watching a friend's life descend because of a poor choice of mate....just grin and bear it. Cause what happens when you SAY something? Lots of things, I am sure. One of the reactions I have never gotten when addressing what I believe to be some one's wrong choice of partner is, "Wow, you are so right! I'm going home right now and breaking up with {Insert Name Here]!" And I've never really listened when someone tried to tell me to leave someone, even if I agreed with them, deep down within me. Because, I think, who we choose to be with is heavily tied with our sub-conscious needs, needs we may, ourselves, not understand. We made need to learn a lesson, however painful, from a "wrong" choice. This I have certainly done! And I have watched friends and acquaintances do the same. So, what do we do when we watch these things, when we are with someone we know isn't RIGHT right for us, but we know we're not ready to leave? We just try our best to trust the future...to have hope that things will all turn out alright. A challenging thing to do. :) Yet, do-able. I'm proud of the choices I made with men & boys that lead me to the right man for me. Although some of these failed relationships had horrific consequences or seemed blatantly poor choices from an outside perspective, I always followed my heart, and was unafraid to love. We are all going to make mistakes when looking for love...it's inevitable. But as long as we can learn something about ourselves and what we need, and make a better choice the next time, then we are still heading in the right direction. I have friends looking for love, living in love, or a lack of it, and I see beauty in all of the trials and triumphs these things bring. I want to send my love out to people still on the gallant hunt...don't give up. And I want to say congratulations to those who've finally earned the love they've always dreamed of.

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