Every once in awhile I get a very serious urge to write, usually because I've learned something or am over-flowing with some emotion. I've decided, instead of keeping these moments locked up in a journal, I am going to share them with you. Hence, my blog....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

After Our First Performance

Sooooooo.....we did it! After all that hard work and worrying its over and under our belts. My worst fear was that I was going to totally blank on lyrics and, surprisingly, once I was up there and got the first note and word out, it all just kept coming to me. It was the strangest feeling really, to do something that personal in front of others. After I got off this stage I felt like I was dreaming...like I had an outer body experience. What a sureal and magical experience. I am an introverted person so putting that much energy out drained me to the core and I felt like crawling into a dark quite room afterward and sleeping for days. Well, that didn't seem to stop me from trying to get a group to hang out afterwards...I wanted to take advantage of spending time around all of the super nice and talented people! The studio was a trip! There were girls wonderin around all dressed up like they were gonna be in a rap music video. Got me so curious about what was goin on. Kem said I could peek my head into this large main room in the studio and after a short bathroom break, I couldn't resist! It looked amazing inside! Alex Nester happened to be near by when I looked in and we wished we could spend some quality time inside. What a studio! Maybe one day, eh? I am looking into my crystal ball and feel the possibility of such a thing revealing itself to me. How amazing! For now its back to the studio, back to the pen, back to the everyday buisness of working hard to become the artist I've always wanted to be.

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