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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Visualizing the Prize

I'm on the edge a my seat waitin for Saturday. I just told Grant that this feeling reminds me of how I felt days before our wedding. After so much planning you reach a point where you just want it to be here cause you feel like all your doing is waiting. Waiting is definitely a current theme around here.

I really want to hear the new one I recorded to Meleniumx's "Solitude" but Grant and Ed have so much to do and I just have to accept it's gonna take awhile. I'm so eager to record the rest of my album too. I feel like going to music "camp" for a week to just record it all, all at once. I have hopes that maybe things could actually be that way one day.

Is it strabge to think it could actually happen for us one day? We've seen so much progress in one year and I feel like we have so much potential, but it can take way more then talent and potential these days to be successful with music. Things like luck, back breaking work, luck, and knowing the right people, and oh yea luck. :) I've got my sight set on the prize and plan to reach my goal.

I played water polo in high school and college and one of things I learned from that was to visualize the kind of player I wanted to be. To visulaize doing the things I wanted to do in the game made them much more likely to happen. Planning for success and practicing for it, dressing the part and acting the part of the kind of artist I've always wanted to be hopefully will help me get there. :)

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