Every once in awhile I get a very serious urge to write, usually because I've learned something or am over-flowing with some emotion. I've decided, instead of keeping these moments locked up in a journal, I am going to share them with you. Hence, my blog....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Holidays and "Transition"

There are a million ways to describe the Holidays. Joyful, jolly, colorful, bright, stressful, anxiety-ridden, crippling, pressure-filled, delightful, climactic, glutonous, rapture-filled, depressing, daunting, cold, cozy, snowy, and the list can continue to unravel forever....

I find myself feeling and experiencing all of these things and more, and its making for quite the roller coaster ride. ;) Up and down and all around and in between and forward and backward and all the places that need be. Its tough to balance all of these things. Heavy hard emotions with the high as a kite ones, ya know

Us humans are funny creations. We can hold so much at once. We are filled with so much potential for greatness and for destruction. It puts us in such interesting and unattractive predicaments, and at the same time opens us up to endlessly blissful opportunities, depending on the doors we choose to walk through.

I find myself feeling like there is not enough time to be and do all I want to be and do in one day. I find myself wishing I had more to give to others this season and wishing I could turn those frowns upside down, as I walk the market places and see so many discouraged and worried people. Can't save them all myself as much as I'd like to. I think one thing that I can give is the hope for change and the knowing that better times will come.

I just posted my newest song today, a collaboration with Fran Schultz called "Transition." The title was hers originally and I wrote from it and the spirit of the song. I feel that I am in a deep transitional phase and that we also are as a country as well. So many feelings accompany times like this....anxiety, curiosity, anticipation, determination, fear, confusion, and excitment to name just a few.

I sit trying to harness and understand all of my own continually overflowing feelings. Feelings that I try desperately to put into words and capture with my voice. I only hope I've done this topic justice and that those of you who feel as I do in some or all ways, will feel heard and understood, validated and inspired. Thank you so much for reading and listening. You all are very dear to me.

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