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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Filled to the Brim with Excitment!

I absolutely loved the energy in my house this weekend. I tell ya...you get enough soulful, genuine people in a room and magical things start to happen. My brother started work on his solo project this weekend....wow! I've been pumpin him up trying to get him to see how truly talented he is and its working! That and I think he's finally found a direction the suits him. I'm so filled with excited energy right now...this anticipation for the future. It was just so amazing to see my family so happy and together with some of the friends we've made through the internet. T Dawn and Ron Rutherford made cameo appearances, much to our sheer delight! I can't wait to bring even more artists and friends to these gatherings as I feel it will only up the positive energy and feeling of abundant creativity. We enjoyed good food and drinks and company and then I would see groups or two's split off do play and make music. How incredible.

I feel so filled with this deep sense of knowing. This knowing of whats to come....what a strange and curious feeling. Wrote a song about it once. I get these feelings sometimes....and I know just like a witch, that something good will happen here. Sure am glad that I wasn't born in those witch burning times....I'd a been burned for sure ;). I'm joking, yet I'm not. I start seeing potential story lines lay out for me and those I know. Quite a trip....and so very often what I see has a way of making its way into reality. Tttttttt...rippppy!

If ya'll would like to see photos that I took from the weekend please check em out on my facebook page. My camera's a bit ghetto but it still capture's a moment well enough to know whats goin on. I also took some video footage of some freestyles and conversations that I plan making something out of soon. Gonna be outta town this week for thanksgiving so probably won't get to that and the liquidator collabo till we get back. I' way excited to eat thanksgiving food and see family but can't wait to get back to our art projects! I did finalize the title of my EP last night, write the inside cover flap, nail down song order and the designs for the front and inside. I could not fall asleep! You know when the feeling to create just hits you and you know you have to listen? Well, that happened last night. :) Awesome! Got pies to make tomorrow morning...I love making pies! Its pecan and pumpkin...two of my favorites. I sure hope that you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for reading my ideas and musings. I so enjoy communicating with you!

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