Every once in awhile I get a very serious urge to write, usually because I've learned something or am over-flowing with some emotion. I've decided, instead of keeping these moments locked up in a journal, I am going to share them with you. Hence, my blog....

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just got back from the gym and we hadn't been in a week or so. So easy to order pizza instead of going to the gym...like we did last night. MMmmm, it sure was good though. I feel so tired right now and not just physically. Can't tell what it is really. Maybe its all the preparation for the show. I'm not use to practicing the same songs over and over. I'm trying to kinda hold back enough while I practice too, so that I can really deliver an emotional performance on the 7th.

Feelin so blah right now. I'm sitting here trying to think of interesting things to right, but just feel like sleeping or not thinking at all....brain is fried crispy and salted. That reminds me of In and Out. Wow, I am just full of naughty food cravings right now.

Its hard to hold depressing thoughts back right now. I guess we all get down every once in awhile. and I started the day so cheery too. Strange. I'll figure out what it is at somepoint. I know one thing, listening to some quality music sure could help. I just figured out part of what is making me so anxcious right now....I've been trying to get my rankings right today. Ever since I started to seriously tackle it I've been stressed out. Its way hard to do since there are so many artists that I love and respect. and there are so many to choose from. I wish the list could be longer or we could have different lists for different genres. Its so hard to rank my favorite instrumental tracks along side my favorite electronic tracks along side my favorite singer songwriters....catch my drift? Wow, I feel better all of the sudden. Knowing where the anxiety comes from helps to relieve some of it.

I have a messy kitchen to clean and then I plan to get some serious relaxation in. Maybe a bath and a movie. Just right.

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